Button with Hover State to Display Closed Captioning (CC)

Feb 27, 2015

RE:  Button with Hover State to Display Closed Captioning (CC)

I have seen many different types of CC methods for Articulate.

1.  CC text in a text box inside a scrolling panel placed on base layer with hide and normal states.

2. same as #1 but having text and scrolling panel on a different layer the displays or hides

3. Place CC text in text boxes timed with timeline interactions.

4. Place CC text in Notes (tip: I like to rename Notes Closed Captioning)

5. And number five is a method I have not seen any where, so perhaps this may be a new find of mine, so I will share below.

Create a button and call it "Hover for CC" and create a hover state for the button that displays the CC text (make the hover state look like a larger text box with text).

All the end-user has to do is hover over the button on each slide to view the CC text.  Con is they do have to hover for each slide.  Pro is when user doesn't want to see it, they un-hover and it goes away (doesn't take up valuable screen space).





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Steve Flowers

Another con to the hover method is having to drill into the shape to add the transcript. Closed captions sync up with the timeline and usually amount to about 4 seconds or so worth of audio (depending on the speed of the audio). 

Many of the methods above are great, but these are transcripts for the slide. Not a bad thing, just not a closed caption by the definition most folks use:)

The hover method useful for tips. Not something I'd use for captions:) Toggling them off with a consistently located control is the affordance most folks are used to.

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