Buttons and Mouse Click Sounds

Dec 02, 2013

Hi All -

I have buttons that open a new slides allowing the user to move backward and forwards at will. However, I cannot get the Mouse Click Sound (Wav File) to work with the buttons as I did with previous slides.

1. I have tried doing this via States (Hover, Selected, etc) - no joy trying this way.

2. On previous scenes I created it does work with Layers - simply add the Wav file to the layer. But, for this scene I am not using Layers because that will not work for what I am doing.


Screen shots attached -

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Michael Hinze

As far as I know, sound files in button states won't play. See attached file with a revised setup that plays the button sound. Clicking the Next button plays the sound, and once the sound is played, it jumps to the next slide. I would suggest moving the nav buttons and sound file to the slide master, so that you have one set of buttons and one copy of the sound file; rather than buttons and sounds on each slide. Hope that helps.

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