Buttons and pictures disappears on Ipad in storyline upadate 5

Jun 08, 2015

Hi All,

I have updated my storyline to version 5 and In assessment if i write reset result trigger on any screen all the buttons and pictures disappears when i view the course on ipad and in html 5 version, but on desktop all the buttons are visible and if i remove reset result trigger all the buttons and pictures are visible on Ipad also, i don't understand why this is happening?? i have also attached one sample story file for references.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Prashant, 

Thanks for sharing the sample file here and I have a few questions to try and understand your set up.

You mention using the "reset results" trigger and I saw you had it on the question slide, but I'd recommend only using it on the results slide, as using it in another location could cause some unwanted behavior. If you're using the "reset results" to allow the user to try the drag/drop again - instead I'd recommend using a "jump to slide" trigger from the try again layer and ensure you've set the slide properties to "reset to initial state" - and keep in mind that if the user revisits this slide as part of a review, it will be marked incorrect as the slide will be reset indicating the user hasn't answered. 

Your question slide is set up to submit the interaction - but nothing is marked as correct/incorrect in terms of what to drag/drop - nor do those buttons go to any particular slides or  layers? You also mentioned pictures disappearing, and I didn't see any images in this sample file. With this, I'm having a difficult time understanding what to look for when testing the course or what you would like to happen based on this set up .

If you're able to share a bit more information we're happy to help offer ideas or determine what is going on in your file. 

Prashant Patil

HI Leslie and Ashley,

Thanks for taking a look at it,

I removed the reset result from question slides, its working for me and also set the slide properties to "Reset to Initial" but this causes new problem, i take first attempt on scorm moodle and exit the course after completing quiz, but when i revisit the course scorm resumes the course to the slide where i left last time but the score is resets itself which should be resumed according to the resume behaviour and this issue is there on i pad only.


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