Quiz timer issue in multiple quiz scenes

Nov 10, 2021

I have created a module with 2 quizzes in 2 separate scenes, one quiz has a built-in player timer and one quiz is without a timer.

I have set up a trigger to reset both quizzes when trying to reset the timed quiz, the timer in player resets both time and results but the clock remains in the background, even for the untimed quizzes as well. However, when the browser is refreshed the timer disappears.
Also, When Quiz is reset from the result slide, the timer disappears, but I am trying to reset the result slide from a trigger in a different lightbox slide. 

Is there any solution to not show timer in the player when a quiz is reset?

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Ren Gomez

Hi Anila,

Thanks for sharing your experience! Based on your description, the fact that the timer disappears when the quiz is reset from a results slide but not from a lightbox slide makes me think there could be some buggy behavior here.

Would you be able to share your .story file with our Support Team to dig into the file?

In the meantime, keeping the reset trigger on the results slide may be the best option until we can figure out what's happening behind the scenes!

Arturo Romero


Are there any updates on this topic? I believe I have the same issue.

I have a six sections for which I want separate scores, so each section has its own results slide. Then, I have a seventh results slide for the overall score. I deduced from some articles I had to set each timer with the same settings. However, this causes two different solutions, none of which work for me.

1. If I set the timers to start with the first question, the timer restarts each time the user opens a new section.

2. If I set it as "begin with first slide", I can't use the intro slide where I give the instructions. 

Do you know somewhere where this issue is explained or has been solved? 

Thank you! 

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Arturo.

Thank you for reaching out!

The way the quiz timer works is you can either have one timer for each section, which will, as you mentioned, restart every time the user jumps to a new one; or you can have one timer for the entire quiz, but it will also include any slides in between (instructions, results slides for each section, etc.).

I'm not aware of a way to pause the timer between the sections, but I'm hopeful others in the community will have suggestions for you.

Arturo Romero

Hi Maria! 

Thank you for your reply and explanation. I came to the same conclusion a couple of days ago, but thank you for confirming the options. 

It seems that, in a quiz with several scenes, it's either one timer that covers all scenes and slides (also any intro or transition slide) or separate timers for each scene, which you can then set to start with each first quiz slide. The reason why I was interested in having several scenes/quizzes was to obtain separate results for each of the six content sections of the quiz. However, I realized this was overcomplicated and that there was an easier solution. 

For my particular case, I solved it by putting all the slides into one scene. This allowed me to resolve the timer issue, which I set to start with the first quiz slide. Then, I added several results slides, one for global results (let's call it A) and several others (B, C, D, E, F, G) for each section. The only one to where the learner can navigate is A when they finish the quiz. Results slide A calculates a score for all quiz slides. The other results slides (B to G) are not linked from anywhere else and are there to calculate the scores of the six sections, which I then copied and pasted to A for a section breakdown. In B to G, I calculate the score of only selected questions pertaining to those sections. 

I'm not sure my explanation was great, but hopefully it can help anyone who might experience a similar issue.

Thank you again for your follow-up!