Quiz timer not resetting from one quiz bank to another

In Storyline 2 I have constructed a course that uses 2 timed quiz banks and presents each quiz bank in a separate scene with its own results slide.  I am experiencing several issues with the timer:

  1. After the student completes the first quiz bank, the timer continues to run on the result slide.
  2. The timer continues to run during the quiz review.
  3. The timer is not reset when going to the second quiz.
  4. The timer does reset when the "Retry" quiz button is pressed.
  5. I have attempted to set a trigger on the introduction slide to reset the quiz to reset the time to no avail.
  6. If I refresh the browser, the timer resets.

This behavior does not happen in Storyline 1.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Don Griesheimer

I have a scene that is having multiple issues similar to the beginning thread.

  1. Scene consists of
    • 4 quiz banks with random draws
    • 4 result slides (one for each quiz bank)
    • 1 result slide to sum the other 4
  2. The timer does not stop at the end of the quiz
  3. The timer is not reset when these triggers are used
    • Reset result slide 1 (bank 1)
    • Reset result slide 2 (bank 2)
    • Reset result slide 3 (bank 3)
    • Reset result slide 4 (bank 4)
    • Reset result slide 5 (sum of results 1-4)
    • Restart course
  4. The "Review" button for Result slide 5 (sum of results 1-4) does not start the review of quiz.

Since my .story file contains proprietary information, I cannot upload it to this forum. However, if you will allow me, I can share it with Articulate technical support.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Don -- Thank you for outlining the issues are you seeing if you have 2 options if you would like to share your file privately: you would be welcome to work directly with our Support Engineers using this form to submit your case, or I would be happy to take a look also, and here is the form you would use to upload your file. Either way, I will be on the lookout for your case and I plan to share updates here for others who may benefit. 

Don Griesheimer

One caveat to my previous post, the timer does reset when viewing the project in Flash. However, the timer does not reset when viewing the project in HTML5.  My company is moving toward support for tablets, but my LMS does not currently support TinCan (xAPI), so the mobile player is not an option.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Don -- Since there are over 200 questions, would it be possible for you to send a smaller file for testing purposes that illustrates the same issues you are seeing, please? I will reply in your case via email momentarily with a link to upload an abbreviated file if you are able to share one. 

And Marcus, I may not be able to get to your file right away, so if you would like immediate assistance, please use the following form to work directly with our Support Engineers (who will be more than happy to confidentially review your file). 

Christie Pollick

UPDATE: I wanted to stop back in to share the resolution that was reached by our support staff who assisted Don, as hopefully it will be helpful to others who may come across this thread with a similar issue:

"We're done reviewing your Storyline project file and below are the details of our findings based on the issues you've reported. 

Issue #1. The timer does not stop at the end of the quiz. 

Findings: Based on our investigation, the problem occurs when a course has a Result Slide (Timer is enabled) being tracked by a final Result Slide - The Timer refuses to reset once learners gets to the Final Result Slide. This behavior can be reproduced even on new projects. 

Issue #2. The timer is not reset when these triggers are used: 
Reset result slide 1 (bank 1) 
Reset result slide 2 (bank 2) 
Reset result slide 3 (bank 3) 
Reset result slide 4 (bank 4) 
Reset result slide 5 (sum of results 1-4) 
Restart course 

Findings: During our tests, we were able to replicate this issue where Reset Result Slide and Restart Course Triggers doesn't reset the Timer when viewing the HTML5 version of the published content. 

Issue #3. The "Review" button for Result slide 5 (sum of results 1-4) does not start the review of quiz. 

Findings: The problem occurs when there are multiple Result Slide tracked by a final Result Slide on a course. 

We've forwarded this case to our Quality Assurance team for review. I cannot offer a timeframe for when or if these issues will be resolved. As a temporary workaround for issues 1 and 2, you can opt to disable the built-in Timer in Storyline and use a custom Timer using Variables and Triggers instead. You may find some helpful information on how to achieve this from this forum thread: 


I'll keep you posted on any updates on this case."