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Oct 01, 2013


I have the recent version of the Articulate app installed on my iPad (iOS 7.0.2). The lightbox is usable on this. The close button (on the lightbox) disappears as soon as the lightbox appears (it is visible for a fraction of a second) and the next and previous buttons are too small to be interactive.

Any ideas on how to fix this?



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Michael Hinze

Rahul Jain said:

Hi Bruce,

Here is the link:

The lightbox is implemented in "9 Bereiche -> Grafiken, Animation und Multimdia -> Galerie mit Lightbox -> Bessere Galerie (click on this button)"

If you need any further information, please tell me and I will provide it.



I tested your link (I'm still on iOS 5.1.1 and original iPad) and the lightbox works fine for me. So, this is likely an issue with iOS 7 and/or Storyline Update 4.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rahul,

 I see that John sent you some additional information on October 8 to test the course in Update 4, and also reported the issue to our QA team. Thanks Michael for testing it on an earlier version of IOS. 


Are you accessing the course on iOS7? If you'd like to confirm it's the same issue as Rahul's can you please share your .story file with us here? You'll want to reference this forum thread so that our team is aware it may be connected. 

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