Buttons Mysteriously Disappearing in Published Version of SL

Nov 05, 2012

I have some buttons [they look like text but they're individual buttons] that are mysteriously disappearing in the published version of Storyline when I hover my over the lefthand edge of the window.

Here's what they look like when they display correctly:

And here's what happens when I roll my mouse to the left of the dotted red line (which is shown just for the purpose of illustration). Why is this happening?!

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Diane Smith


I am having a similar problem with disappearing buttons.  In response to your information, I can say that the buttons are not grouped, they are simple buttons, however there is a conditional trigger on the slide. The slides has two layers, one with all of the buttons (some of which disappear), and one with none of the buttons but includes two separate buttons.  The base layer with the disappearing buttons has a conditional trigger that will display the second layer.  Those conditions are: Show Layer "Are you sure" when user clicks Summary (button), On Condition: What is Workday (button) is normal, OR Supervisory Hierarchy (button) is normal, OR Job Hierarchy (button) is normal.  The conditional trigger works correctly, displaying the second layer when the other buttons have not been visited.  However, the second layer has two buttons, one that will take the user to another scene, and a second that will send the user back to the base layer to click on one of the other buttons.  When the user clicks on the second button, the base layer appears, but three of the four buttons are gone. Only the button they originally clicked (Summary) appears. 

What is causing this?  Images appear below. 

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Diane,

No problem! There's two ways you can do this:

You can attach the .story file to this thread and I can take a look. To do so, just go to respond as you normally would. To attach the file, click on the little paperclip icon at the top of your response. Browse to the location of your presentation and find the .story file. Attach and post your message.

You can submit the file to our tech team by submitting a support case. They'll be able to take a closer look and see what may be causing the problem. You can submit a support case by clicking on this link. When you submit the case, you'll also be able to provide your .story file as an attachment. This way, they'll have access to the file as soon as they get the case. 

If you decide to open a support case, please share the case number with me. This way I can follow the progress of the case.


Diane Smith

For anyone following this thread - regarding the disappearing buttons, Articulate determined that my problem was caused by a bug in Storyline: 

"I tested the project you sent and was able to reproduce the issue. The issue is related with a bug that we have recently discovered. This will be addressed in the next update of Storyline." - Jayem Abania

Thanks Jayem and Christine for your help!  I will look forward to the next update!


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ryan. Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Sorry to hear about the difficulty. This is a known issue that we hope to have addressed in the next update. I cannot offer a time frame for when this will be released or if the fix will be included in the final build of the next update. I am keeping tabs on the issue and this thread, so I will try to keep the thread updated with any additional information. In the meantime, though, If you would like to be the first to know about updates and product releases, I would encourage you to subscribe to Gabe Anderson's blog.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi M.W and welcome to the Heroes community!

I took a look at the original case associated with this thread and the issue that was reported to our QA team was fixed in Update 2 of Storyline. We're currently on update 5 and you can see detailed information about all the fixes here.  If you're using update 5 and have run into a similar issue it would be helpful if we could take a look at your Storyline file and if you could share a bit more about how you're testing the course. 

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