Buttons not working correctly after publishing to SL3

Jan 27, 2019

Please help.

I have slides with 5 buttons.

The narration must complete on the main slide before the first button is active.

Each button should change to "visited" after the student has clicked a button.

In Storyline 2 each button shows a visited state after being visited. When the files were published with SL3, the first button in each scene does not show a visited state after being visited. This is confusing for students.

Students must visit all buttons before they can proceed to the next scene.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Kathy,

Thanks for sharing your .story file and explaining what you are experiencing so that we could take a closer look.

Button 1 is changing back to Normal on your slide because:

  1. You have the media playing when the timeline starts - which will be everytime you jump back to it.
  2. You have a trigger on Button 1 to change to the Normal state when the media is complete, so you're creating a loop.

If you set the state of your Button 1 to be based on the slide timeline, remove the trigger to play the media (it's on the timeline and will play anyway), then the Visited State works as intended.

Check out the ButtonStateTimeline.story file attached.

On second thought, if you needed the media to replay with each visit, you can still leave the trigger for the audio, but keep the state change based on the timeline.

Check out the ButtonStateTimelineAudio.story file attached.

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