Buttons "Showing as Visible" when clicked on?

Apr 29, 2021

I want the "Click for more!" buttons to change states to 'Visited' when I click on them.  Then, the "Next" arrow becomes visible when all are 'Visited' and 'TimelineDone' = True.

If I group the buttons with the placeholder images, the user can click the image and it changes the state of the button (not what I want), however clicking on the button doesn't change it's state?

If I ungroup the buttons, the user can no longer click on the image, but the buttons still don't change their states when clicked?

I can't figure out what I'm missing.. I'm sure it's something trivial >.<

Thank you for your help!

2 Replies
Xavier Toyos

Hi Jay,

is fixed. The change of state of the buttons to visited is in the layers, when the layer is closed it changes the state of the button corresponding to visited. I think it has nothing to do with the buttons and images being grouped. I have only made the change on the first slide.

I hope it helps you