Calculating items checked on a checklist

Hi all, 

I need to create a checklist which then counts up the number of items checked at the bottom of the page. 

1. Is this possible in storyline? 

2. Can anyone give me a breakdown of how I can achieve it - or point me in the right direction.

Unfortunately I am unable to share the content due to its sensitivity. 


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Stefano Craba

Hi Claire;

I've attached a basic example here that hopefully helps you;

I couldn't manage to make it work with the built in check boxes so I built customized ones; 

I set up a variable true/false for each box which toggle when user clicks and change the state of the box to check/normal and add or subtract to a "total" numeric variable depending on the state of the box;


Walt Hamilton

Check out the attached version.

On slide 1, I used built-in checkboxes (no need for variables, and fewer triggers), and a technique that allows for even fewer triggers. When a box is checked, it shows a slide layer, which calculates how many boxes are checked, and hides itself. Since there is nothing on it, you don't see it, but every time it shows, it calculates. Starting the total at 0, and then counting the selected boxes uses half as many triggers as adding and subtracting with every click. There are a lot fewer triggers, and they are hidden. You could create four triggers for one checkbox, copy them, and paste them to each checkbox, but then you have a lot of triggers in your main trigger pane.

On slide 2, I fixed the original slide. Rectangle was changing the variable test, but the triggers were referencing variable check_4. I changed them to reference check_4.  The triggers for check_ 4 were both set to fire if check_4 = false. I changed the second one to true, so that method works correctly, too.