At  our corporation, it is essential our claims analyst price claims correctly every time.

We test them with a math question bank/check on learning in Storyline 360- where they use equations and a text box to fill in the answer.

Management needs to know how far off the test taker is when they miss a math questions (below or above the correct number).

I think this involves a random number variable, but have no idea how to write one.

Anyone else have this experience and if so, how did you solve it?

Cindy V


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Brian Allen

Cindy - are you saying that mgmt needs to see the learners answer vs what the correct answer should have been? That would essentially provide you with the analysis of how far off they were.

If this is the case, that data should be stored in your LMS and is just a matter of working with your LMS vendor to report on the data.

Here's a quick kb article on what exactly is sent to your LMS from a quiz -

Rachel Fischer

I'm on Cindy's team. We know that we can view it in the SCORM data from the LMS, but that is a lot of manual work. We are going to have 25 math questions and would love it if it could take how far they were off on each question and add those together to show us in the scorm that on all 25 questions, they were this amount off.

For example, they get question 4 and 27 wrong. The correct answer for 4 is $32 and they put $42. The correct answer for 27 is $3 and they put $8. We would want the final score to show us that they were off by $15 total.

Is there a variable for this?

Brian Allen

oof... this sounds like math, I hate math :)

I can't say that this couldn't be done, because I think it could be. If we knew all the answers entered would be either: Under the correct score or Over the correct score, this would be easier, but the fact that the student answers could be BOTH Over or Under makes it more difficult. You almost need some javascript maybe to compare the student answer with the correct answer, then either add or subtract it from a "master" variable that would be used to track how off the total the student was.

After you figure out the variables, you'd have to include them in the SCORM data sent to your LMS using this method -

Here's a tutorial from Matthew Bibby on implementing that method -

I feel like I'm rambling... this kind of makes sense in my head but I'm not exactly sure where I'd start with it.

I do feel like I'd probably lean more towards pursuing a more robust reporting option from my LMS to leverage the data that's already there.

Maybe someone from the community will chime in here with more smarts around these math variables than me.

Hope this helps!