Camtasia & SL2

Mar 17, 2015

Hi, Could someone tell me what would be some good hints working with camtasia produced files in SL2?

Attached is what is exported when I use MP4 (720 and up). I only imported the MP4 file.  In what situation will I be using these other files I wonder?


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Melanie Sobie

Hi Kai,

I just finished a set of 4 Storyline 2 courses that had several sections of inserted Camtasia recordings (screen recordings of a software program). I am using Camtasia v7.1.

Here's some notes about the settings I used when I used Camtasia.

  • I published the MP4 from Camtasia using custom publishing settings:
    • Custom production settings > MP4 > No player controls > MP4 > Video size = editing dimensions
    • Flash options = Frame rate auto > Encoding mode = Quality 95% > Audio 56 kbps
    • Uncheck all the checkboxes about sub-folder and upload by FTP.
  • I inserted the MP4 in Storyline using these settings:
    • Insert video on slide.
    • Use video controls below. (Resize video if video player controls are below the visible area of the screen.)
    • A line will show between the player bar and the bottom of the video - this is the color of the slide background. Change if necessary.
    • Change compression to None.
    • Insert a transparent hotspot rectangle over the video, leaving just the player bar uncovered. Right click on the hotspot and uncheck show hand cursor on hover.

Hope this information is helpful,



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kai,

Yes, if you place a hotspot over the video than the user can't click on it while it's playing. Clicking on it could pause/stop it - which would disassociate it with the slide's timeline and therefore may cause other difficulties with your course. A hotspot or a mostly transparent shape will allow the user to not click on it. 

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