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Raul Ramiro

Thanks for the sample but my problem is different. I wanted to do a drag and drop on a particular slide then if the learner is happy of he has done, he can move forward and look back at it to see what he has answered before (which is why I had to set the slide state to resume to saved state) but I know in time the learner might realize there is a better way for the drag and drop which is why I wanted a reset button. I want a button to reset a drag and drop even if it is on a resume saved state drag and drop slide?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Paul,

Interesting idea! There isn't a way to reset the slide conditionally - based on the user's desire to do so. Also drag and drops are not reset on a try again so that the user can reattempt the question and see how they previously answered. 

Perhaps instead of a reset, it may be worth looking at the options to "submit all at once" so that a user could go back and change their answer if they wanted?