Can an open-ended question be sent to or tracked in the LMS?

Jun 07, 2022


I have a Storyline 360 course that has multiple open-ended questions in multiple slides, and also a Quiz in a separate slide. The open-ended questions are added as a "Text Entry" (not sure if this is the right approach, screenshot attached). I want to be able to send the question responses and quiz results to the LMS so that the teacher using the LMS can review the open-ended question responses and assign a grade accordingly in the LMS.

Can you please point me to the right knowledge base article in order to achieve this?

For context: We're using Brightspace LMS.


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Renata,

A Graded Fill-in-the-Blank slide is scored based on whether the text in the text-entry field matches specific text. 

Because you want longer responses that will be graded by a teacher, you need to use a Survey slide -- either Short Answer or Essay, depending on how long the answer needs to be. 

Note that you'll need to use a separate Survey slide for each question. (Well, unless you ask them to answer 2 questions in one text-entry field.)

To have the answers sent to the LMS, you also have to insert a Survey Results slide. (How those results are pulled from the LMS depends on the LMS. For that info, you need to work with your LMS admins.) 

You will still need a Graded Results slide to track graded questions.