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Doug Cush

Hello Abhishek,

I've put together a similarly functioning game and attached it to this reply.

  • You could probably make the dragged box into one object with different states - with each step of the slider showing/hiding the appropriately positioned box - but for some reason I chose to make each box separately and have them Normal/Hidden depending on the current step of the slider.
  • The falling object is on a simple line motion path, and each time it intersects with one of the boxes (granted that the box's current state is Normal) the collision variable will equal True.
  • The collision variable resets every time the animation of the falling object completes.
  • Each time the collision variable is equal to true, the hit_count variable value increments by one.
  • The lives object changes state depending on the value of hit_count.
  • When the hit_count is equal to 5 (and all lives are lost) the Game Over layer will show.

Hopefully this is enough to give you an idea and get you started!
- Doug

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