Can completion tracking in the module be saved between sessions?

We have some fairly complex completion tracking going on, where checkmarks appear after the learner finishes each section, and then those completions are used to unlock a final activity.

It looks like if the learner comes back in, the program asks whether they want to continue where they left off, but it has lost all our internal completion tracking. In other words, the checkmarks for the areas they have completed are gone.

Are we missing something?

Is there any way we can keep that data from session to session so people can stop and come back?

Please advise ASAP. We're on a tight timeline!

Thank you very much,


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ellen, 

First, you may want to set it to "always resume" to ensure that it picks up where they left off and doesn't provide the user an option (if they selected No, the check marks would disappear). 

Are the check marks appearing on a menu slide of sorts? How do you have the slide properties on that individual slide? You'll want to make sure it is set to "Resume Saved state on revisiting." 

Also, if you're hosting this course within an LMS, you may want to review this article about how the LMS will deal with resume behavior.