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Crisa McCarty

The screen says: This is the Portal of Power. Enter your name and if you are worthy, you will be granted access. After they enter %username%, they will enter the questions. I'd like a swirly color-changing gif to run on this slide. I do not believe it will significantly distract my users based on where I'm placing it in the game. I understand your concern, overall and appreciate the warning.

Walt Hamilton

If you can create the gif, you can insert it as a picture. There have been reports of problems with gifs (I can see a couple of threads listed on my view of this page). If you have problems, you should be able to make a screen recording of the gif, and play it as a looping video in your background.

Tom Kuhlmann

Here are a couple of post I've done recently that shows how to create the gifs. 



You'll see in the second post the difference between an animated illustration and regular video. The quality goes down a lot with the video. The trick is to limit frame in the looping, change the frame rate and fewer frames that run faster and you can preserve the image quality.

If you have a video in mind, let me know. I wouldn't mind playing around with it to come up with some tips.