Inserting GIF files into Storyline

Jan 04, 2013


I am working on an eLearning projext that requires a lot of GIF files from the client to be integrated into the learning.

While searching the forums I found several posts where people got help in making GIF files work and a few saying that GIF files need to be converted to SWF files.

Which is correct?

Can I insert a GIF file into Storyline? If so How?

If not - how can I convert the GIF to SWF?


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David Quackenbush

Hi Steve,

I'm attaching a Zip with the GIF file I am trying in Storyline.

Here's another point. The GIF was sent to me in a PPT file - I then saved as a GIF.

Followed instructions to insert into Storyline and it acts only as a picture not an animated GIF.

I have contacted the SME that sent the PPT file to me and requested he send the ACTUAL GIF alone.

I'll try that and post what happens.


Laurine Peyrard

Hi there !

This post is a bit old, but I've got the same problem than David.

I used Photoshop CS5 to create an animated Gif, but when I import it into Storyline, it becomes like a picture, even in preview or published format. 

Could you please test if it's coming from my Gif file ? I've attached it below.

Thanks !


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Laurine,

That second .gif was able to import into my Storyline file, and I did see the looping. I don't know a lot about photoshop, and creating these, but from other threads I've read, it's generally something you have to change within the original program. There is some discussion in this thread on what you may need to adjust and Christine shared a cool idea to workaround it here if you can't change the original .gif. 

Laurine Peyrard

Hi Ashley,

I've already done the necessary settings.

In fact, my gif works perfectly fine in web browsers...

I've made another gif to make tests, but it doesn't work at all in Storyline, like the first gif I submit.
I can't understand why, because I followed exactly the same process. I'm a little lost here! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Laurine,

I did a bit more digging through some older forum threads, and found that a similar situation was reported to our QA team for review. At this time I don't have any updates to share in regards to that issue, but I've included this thread in the report with your sample gif that I was able to import into Storyline. The workaround that was shared with the other user who reported it is included below for you:

In the meantime, I suggest converting your GIF into a video as a workaround. Here's one method that you can try out. 

If I have any additional updates to share, I'll post them here for you.