Inserting GIF files into Storyline

Jan 04, 2013


I am working on an eLearning projext that requires a lot of GIF files from the client to be integrated into the learning.

While searching the forums I found several posts where people got help in making GIF files work and a few saying that GIF files need to be converted to SWF files.

Which is correct?

Can I insert a GIF file into Storyline? If so How?

If not - how can I convert the GIF to SWF?


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Diane Brochu

Hi, I'm going to add to this discussion. I just updated my Storyline 360 and I still don't see where or how to add a gif.  I have several video types, but no gif option. I've included an image of where I "believe" I need to be to add a gif with the gif showing in the folder.

I've also attached the gif. 

Can someone tell me what I am missing?

Steven Benassi

Hi Julie!

It sounds like you were having some issues with your Storyline 360 course crashing and refusing to preview after inserting a gif file. I'd be happy to help troubleshoot this with you!

Testing it out on my end, I was able to insert a gif file successfully and preview/publish my course without issues. Everything was working as intended!

I just had some follow-up questions to help me get a better idea of your setup:

If you'd be willing to share a copy of the affected .story and gif files here in the discussion or privately through a support case, I'd be happy to test them both on my end to see if I can reproduce the same behavior.

Looking forward to hearing from you!