Inserting GIF files into Storyline

Jan 04, 2013


I am working on an eLearning projext that requires a lot of GIF files from the client to be integrated into the learning.

While searching the forums I found several posts where people got help in making GIF files work and a few saying that GIF files need to be converted to SWF files.

Which is correct?

Can I insert a GIF file into Storyline? If so How?

If not - how can I convert the GIF to SWF?


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Megan Creegan

I just realized that it doesn't work with a photoshop created gif, but it works with a gif I created in a web based tool (which won't work for me because it reduces the quality of the image). So now I'm thinking there is an issue with using Photoshop created gifs in Storyline. Anyone else have this problem?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Megan,

Our team doesn't have Photoshop, so we can't offer additional support for that set up of Photoshop. I see that Lea shared some other forum threads so I also wanted to share them with you here: