Can I add to variable contents without losing previous content?

May 20, 2013

Hello all,

I'm trying to give the users a way to take notes throughout the course, saving each addition they make and allowing them to view whatever they have typed as they go.  Here's how it would work, from the user perspective

So, say, on Slide 1, they type sentence A.

Then on Slide 2, they see sentence A and type paragraph B.

Then on Slide 3, they see sentence A and paragraph B, and type another few sentences, etc.

Each time, they can add more to their notes and see whatever they have typed previously.

What would be the best approach for achieving this?

Thank you very much!


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Will Bladon


One option could be that you have a notes slide within the project that has a 'Data entry' field as text entry. This could be used to enter text into.

You could then have a trigger on any page where the learner needs to take notes, that would 'lightbox' to the notes slide.

Only problem with this is that whenever you lightbox to it, it seems to highlight any typed text- so if you then start typing without un-selecting then it wipes it.

Would it be possible to have three separate text entry boxes on the same lightbox slide- so for paragraph a they fill in that data entry box, paragraph b, the second, and so on?

Maybe someone else will come up with a cleverer way, but that may point you in a direction if nothing better comes along!


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