Can I disable the Enter key on an Quiz/Interaction slide?

Feb 13, 2017


I have a created an embedded certificate and need to ensure that learners can only enter their name in a text entry field and print once. I need to either make the Print button and text entry field disappear, or I need to disable pressing Enter adding their name to the certificate.

I see I cannot create states for a text entry field. Is there a way to make this field also disappear after it is used once? Or can I disable the ability to press Enter to submit a field entry? I have  plus button for them to click to add their name instead.

Thank you!

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Denise

you could create a shape that goes over the TE field and button that has an initial state of hidden.  When they click the Enter button change the state of the shape to normal and they won't be able to click or enter anything again.  Make sure the shape you create has a fill colour that is set to 100% transparent not no fill.

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