Can I duplicate Try Mode to use it as Test Mode? Can I adjust the parameters of an already created Test Mode in a software simulation?

Dec 30, 2022

Hi, I created a Try Mode Scene (two or three slides) and then duplicated again and again the last slide to insert a lot of  screenshots that my client gave to me as separate files. I´d like to use this Try Mode Scene as a basis for a Test Mode, to avoid inserting my client´s screenshots again. Is that possible, or should I insert again the screenshots?

And another issue: When I create a Test Mode scene, it asks me to choose the number of attempts (1 to 10 or infinite). First time I chose infinite, but now my client wants three attempts or jump to the next slide. Is it possible to choose another number of attempts, or should I create another Test Mode from scratch?


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Jose Tansengco

Hello Daniel,

Thanks for reaching out! 

You can re-use your screen recordings to generate Test Mode slides by clicking on the Record Screen button shown here: 

Any screenshots that you previously inserted manually will have to be re-added again once the Test Mode slides are generated. 

To adjust the number of attempts in a Test Mode scene, go to the Design tab under Question Tools and change the Attempts field to your desired value.


Hope this helps!

Daniel Albarran

Thanks, the attempts issue is fixed with your hint.

I tried copy and paste the slides from Try Mode into Test Mode, but the test functionality doesn't get applied, I guess I would need to modify the triggers (and not sure if it is possible to replicate the test functionality into pasted slides). 

Thanks again.