Can I easily replace a character in Storyline?

Oct 25, 2017

Hi all, 

I have a project, I would like to reuse for a new project. In the new project I'd like to have a different character than in the project I reuse. Instead of Lily, I'd like to use Alex, but with the same expressions, poses, states etc., like Lily in the former project. 

Is there an easy way to replace Lily by Alex in one work process or do I have to do that slide by slide and layer by layer? 

And if I have to do it manually (with right click on the character and then "change character"), why doesn't the name change from Lily to Alex (see attached screenshot)? 

Thx in advance for your help and best regards

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There isn't a way to swap out the characters, but to make replacing a character a bit less painful you could go thru the module and us Ctrl left click to select or go thru each slide to remove the unwanted character.......then paste the character on one slide that you want....then copy it......then use Ctrl left click to select the slides that the character is to be placed on or use Shift left click to select slides if they are consecutive and then paste.  This will place the desired character in the same location on all slides.......assuming that is what you want.

Side note:  I actually submitted an enhancement request today for Articulate to offer an ADVANCED FIND and REPLACE like Microsoft word has so that you can look for formatting, etc and replace new formatting.  It would be great to use here as for an object called X and replace with object called Z sort of thing.


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