Help with sliders

I'm a new Storyline 360 user (in my Week 2) working on my very first project. I would like to use a slider to demonstrate a simple correlation. After watching a tutorial on, I learned how to change the character's facial expression, but I'd like to also have the bar graphs above the slider change in various degrees when the slider moves between TPM (character worried) and TBC (character happy). Please see my attachments which roughly illustrate what I'd like to do.
Would any advanced user(s) be willing to help me figure out how to make this happen?
Thank you so much!

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Michael Hinze

I don't see the bar graphs change in your three screenshots, but the concept would be exactly like changing the state of the character: You could create an object with custom states for each of the five bar graph columns, or you could create one object with custom states for the entire graph. Then, based in the changing slider variable you can change the state of the graph object(s).

Yuyen Chang

The graphs are not changing currently cuz I couldn't figure out how to do this. I'm totally new to this so I don't even know what kind of objects the bar graphs need to be. They are currently just individual rectangular shapes. Do I need to use variables for this operation? 

Yuyen Chang

I've figured out how to use "states" to display the different bar graphs when the slider moves. But I'd like to move not just within the 3 steps, but instead have the bars move smoothly and gradually as the slider moves. The first example that David shows in this video is what I'd like to do:

Is there a tutorial that is more specifically on how I can accomplish that? Thanks!