Can I edit Storyline 3 .story files in Articulate 360?

Jan 21, 2022

Hey Heroes!

My agency has been on a new-course-development hiatus, but we're hoping to get back on task soon. The agency is looking to upgrade from Storyline 3. My preference is to stay in the Articulate product family for continuity of style and quality, so I need to confirm my belief that Storyline 3 files can indeed be edited in Articulate 360.

What say you, Heroes?

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Richard Maloney

I found a reply from Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard in another discussion that answered my question for me. Yes, Storyline 3 projects can be opened in Storyline 360 (which is part of the Articulate 360 package).

If it can be opened in 360, I can safely assume it can also be edited in 360, right?

Thanks again.