Can I have a 'landing page' located in one published file that open other published files and track their progress?

Mar 08, 2023

I have a client that needs a 'landing page' that lists several courses. The courses need to be taken in order.

From this landing page, the user needs to select the first course (while the other courses are disabled). Upon completion of the first course, the next course in the list should be enabled.

Also, the landing page needs to show which courses have been completed. 

It is possible to 1) build the landing page I described above within a single published storyline file, and 2) have the links in the landing page open up other separate published Storyline files on the client's LMS, and 3) upon completion of each course, have the each course send a message back to the main Storyline file with the landing page that the course has been completed?



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Maura Sullivan

We do something like this by using the LMS features that already exist. In our LMS (Cornerstone) you can create a curriculum. It has options that allow you to:

  • have a landing page that shows all courses in the curriculum
  • specify if the courses (published files from SL) must be taken in a specific order 
  • allows you to lock down courses until a prerequisite has been completed
  • displays a graphic to show how much of the curriculum has been completed so far

Ask your client to talk to their LMS Admin and see if they can set this up. They may not know about the features of their LMS.