Can I Make a Read-Only Seek bar with a custom Seek bar?

Nov 02, 2021


I have a course, where I only want the seek bar on one slide (a video), so instead of Player Default, I go custom and select seek bar. The default player, I unclick the seek bar function, therefore I only see a seek bar on that one slide.

Got that part down..... HOWEVER...

The customized seek bar doesn't seem to have any control options. I want the learner to see the seek bar, but not be able to manipulate it.

The only solution I can find is to set the default player to read-only seek bar and go to all of the other slides and make them custom, with no seek bar... which is a GINORMOUS PAIN IN THE TUCHUS!!!!

Is there any other alternative??? Oy veh!

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Brian,

I suggest you show the video controls.

To prevent users from clicking the video-control seekbar, just cover it with a 100% transparent shape. 

After the video plays ("media completes") the first time, you could change the state of the transparent shape to Hidden, so the users could use the controls if they choose to watch the video again.

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Brian.

That's correct! Think of a window: 

  • Shape with no fill = window open. You can go through it.
  • Shape with transparent fill = window closed. You can see through the glass, but nothing goes through.

You want to make sure the shape has a fill, and then you can adjust it to 100% transparency.