Problems with Storyline 3 Player - Can't activate default player.


I'm experiencing some strange problems with the Storyline player. I recently imported a scene from another project, and it seems that the scene had a custom player installed that included the left-hand menu, resources, and volume control activated. This scene was placed in the middle of my project, which used the default player, and had the title displayed, as well as the seek bar as read only. When I reached that scene, the player switched to the custom player. I have tried everything to reset the player to the default by both changing the settings, as well as selecting the default Storyline Player under the Current Player tab. Each time I try to select the default player I get an error window. I have attached a screenshot of the error message, as well as the Storyline file that is given me the problem. Any help that can be provided will be greatly appreciated!


Martin Evans

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Martin,

Those slides kept the Menu, Resources, and Volume as custom player features in your file. 

Select all the slides in Story View. Then, there are multiple ways to revert to your player defaults:

  • Select "Player defaults" in the "Player features" drop-down list, or
  • Click Reset, or
  • Click the option checkboxes to deselect (or select) as desired.