Storyline 3 and Player Buttons

Nov 06, 2017

In Storyline 2, I could make a player with no Next and Previous Player buttons and as long as I had slides where I checked off the buttons I had a Player that was good for custom navigation.

I have tried the same thing with Storyline 3 and cannot get the same result.

I am attaching a one slide project. When I look in the Player or Preview it has a space at the bottom for the buttons. Is this an error or is there another solution?

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Jeffrey Riley

Thanks Alyssa, This must be the new default for Storyline 3. To be honest, I did not look there because I had not needed that in Storyline2.

Sometimes the small changes become important. That also explains why using an old player file works because the Volume would not have been checked.

I appreciate the quick answer.

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