Feedback Boxes Easily Obscured When Scaling Player

Feb 18, 2021

Hello! Our client is having an issue viewing and interacting with feedback boxes, such as the "Resume" box. We have our player set to the "Scale Player to Fit Browser Window" setting, so it can fit neatly in users' varying screen and browser sizes. We understand that scaling the player down to an extremely small size removes a lot of the functionality and makes it difficult to see or interact with anything. At the same time, in the example below, the player is fairly large, with the menu, title, and player buttons still easily viewable. Everything except for the "Resume" feedback box, which obscures the "Yes" and "No" buttons, essentially breaking the course when users re-enter it. Does anyone know of any ways to make the feedback boxes more user-friendly when lightly scaling the player?

We're using Storyline 3 with the latest update.

Thanks for the help!

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Ren Gomez

Hi Michael,

Thanks for reaching out! To confirm, if you resize the window to full-size or make it larger, do the buttons reveal themselves?

I'm sorry you're running into this, but you may be experiencing a bug we have reported where:

In Storyline 3, the invalid answer and resume buttons are cut off and not visible if viewed on a browser window that is resized to be smaller.

If you'd like confirmation that this is indeed related, our team is happy to take a look at your .story file. Feel free to share it here, and once we're done testing, we'll reach back out with next steps!