Can I make an image into a Table of Contents?

Dec 23, 2014

Hi, folks. I'm sure this procedure exists somewhere. 

I am creating a new eLearning module for a console interface. What I want to do is show the user interface with various hotspots for the different topics. When the user clicks, I'd like them to go to a scene that describes that component and provides 1 or more quizzes about the material.

When finished, they return to the main graphic and click another element to explore. It would be nice if I could give some indication of clickable items and which items are followed. I have roughly 12 hotspots I'd like to create.

I appreciate your help and advice!

Happy holidays. 

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Marie DesJardin

Hi, Wendy. Thanks a million!

Sorry, meetings all day delayed my reply. I can't share the image because it's proprietary, but pretend it's a computer screen with several tabs across the top. :)

Alas, I can't open your story because I'm still on SL1. I will upgrade next month when my company gets its new budget.

Thanks again for jumping in. I feel better already.

Happy holidays!

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