Can I save a slide location after a layer appears?

Oct 09, 2013


I've been using a slide layer to advise learners if they have not completed all interactions on a slide. When the layer appears, the learner is returned to the base screen and not the layer which they had last visited. Can I return them to this location somehow?

(I'm thinking I should have been applying this 'incomplete' notice as a lightbox slide, but I am now towards the end of a rather big course so I don't want to change the other slides now. If there is no solution, I guess I will just need to re-design the slide. I don't think I have been replacing text on previous slides, so I think that's why I am only now noticing this.)

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Antony Snow

Hi Jacinta,

The properties of the 'Incomplete' layer have been set to Hide other slide layers and this is why the user is returned to the base layer when they click on [Continue].

If you de-select Hide other slide layers from the 'Incomplete' layer, the user will remain on the layer they were on when they clicked on [Next].


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