Can next button go to next layer not next slide?

Mar 24, 2017

Storyline 1

I have about 5 intro slides and then about 5 slides each containing 5-8 buttons which trigger the opening of layers.

I want to allow free navigation.

The problem is, after a user gets used to clicking the next button to progress at the start for the first 5 slides, they then watch the following 5 slides that have buttons & layers, read one layer, click the next button to go the the next button/layer, but instead it takes them to the whole next slide rather than next layer, causing them to miss critical info, or just get annoyed and have to navigate back using the menu.

I have tried to create triggers to make the next button trigger opening of the next layer not next slide but it always seems to just open the next slide.

I can't disable the next button entirely for the slides with buttons & layers because people want to use the next button at the end of the last layer to proceed to the next slide appropriately. (I have tried removing next button from these slides and the feedback from test users was - next button missing from some slides - confusing!)

Help please.



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Walt Hamilton

Two ways come to mind:

The way I like is to delete the built-in buttons and create custom buttons. Put one on the base and one on each layer in the same spot. One trigger per button to open a layer or jump to a slide. Personally, I think most people can design and place a button that looks better than the built-ins, and gives the impression of a designed interaction, rather than an out-of-a-box copy.

The other way is to use the built-in buttons, but write a multitude triggers, using a variable for each layer and slide.

Show layer 1 when user clicks Next button if navigationVariable = 1

Show layer 2 when user clicks Next button if navigationVariable = 2

Show layer 3 when user clicks Next button if navigationVariable = 3

Jump to slide 2 when user clicks Next button if navigationVariable = 4



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