Overlapping Audio playback between Layers & Slides


I have narration playing in a deck of slides in 1 layer. When the learner clicks a "Next" button they are taken to a new layer, and deck of slides. However, I have a "Previous" button allowing them to go backwards between layers. When this happens, the audio from the first slide of that layer and the last slide (where they just left) overlap in audio. Sometimes, it could be the 1st layer & last layer audio that overlaps.

Question is, how can I set up the slides so that when the Next button triggers a jump to the next Layer it pauses the audio? I found a discussion Q from 5 years ago similar to this, but that was between slides, mine is between Layers.

Thanks for any and all help!!

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Thank you!

That helps with the slides, but not on the base, or 1st layer -or at least not when I'm trying to identify the layer in the trigger.

It usually on this layer that the audio overlaps onto the next slide when the user clicks next too quickly.

Any ideas?