Can not save project I am working on - C Drive full

I can not save the project I am working on as my C Drive is full.  I am working in storyline 2 and notice storyline 1 is still in my C Drive.  If I delete storyline 1 will it effect storyline 2 or the project I am working on at all.  I can not shut down my computer as I will lose all the work I have done this evening.
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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tracy-lee,

If your C drive is full, you may also want to look at backing up your work in another location, and then just ensuring you download/save to your C drive when you're ready to edit and work within Storyline. 

Also, you can remove Storyline 1, and any projects you've created in it if opened in Storyline 2 will be upgraded to Storyline 2 and a back up copy of the SL1 file will be generated. 

Herman The German

Bit of a poor response, changing default save location for the output from applications is a very basic thing and I cant remember the last time I came across an application which doesn't allow this.


I am using a corporate machine which uses folder redirection to redirect my docs a network drive, there are also filters applied to these drives to stop various files being saved there, such as audio/video and executables.


The IT dept will no entertain any changes to this (and frankly why should they)?

Using the 30 day trial of this and on first attempt at creating a project with a capture from a webcam I get a message that I cant save the capture because its tryin to use my docs.


There are numerous threads responded to by people with the Staff tag suggesting that changes need to be made at the users about brining this software up to date and making it comparable with others of this ilk and allow the EU to make changes to the software rather than make changes to their setup and potentially an enterprise network behind it.