Can not see layers on re-visit

May 01, 2013

Hello!  I have a slide with multiple layers, and a few conditions attached.   The conditions require the participant to click on each button to view every layer, before the next button is enabled.

Once each button is clicked,  I am unable to re-visit  the same buttons on the slide.  I have tried all of the re-visit options, (initial/saved/automatic)  and it doesn't seem to be working.

Could the conditions be hindering progress?  My other slides seem to be working, so I'm not sure what has happened here.



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Harri S

Hi Natalie,

This sounds like you are changing the button states to disabled once visited. This is one of the preset options that you automatically get when you insert buttons. To check, take a look at the states panel 

If this is the case simply click on 'edit states' and delete the disabled state and all should work fine.

If this isn't what is happening at all could you share the .story file and I'll have a look at it.

Hope this helps,


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