Can not upload file to D2L

Hi, I had an array of issues publishing the course to the D2L and still did not resolve the problem. First, the new file was replaced by the old one (new name, but old file), then at some point I was able to check the file from the LMS, but as soon as I was navigating away from the page it turned out that the page was empty. Finally, when I am trying to upload another copy the lms says it can not read the package (red cross). I could upload the published version here if that would help. Thanks a lot!



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Tamara Tarasova

An update on this post. I guess that was not a good day for either Storyline or the D2L but on the next day uploading was fine from the first time  except for 1 thing. One of the slides stubbornly shows the menu while the menu is disable throughout the course. I double checked the settings for that very slide and it shows default player as on all other slides. Not sure how to handle it as it is definitely a bug. Thanks!


Tamara Tarasova

Hi Emily,

Thanks for reply. I am checking now the troubleshooting section but in the meantime I have question regarding the testing suite. I down loaded the version 2004 and when I open it I do not see the options to browse for the file . I can see the fields Content Package Name, content Package version/ release number and content package vendor - developer. When I type the package name, 2 for version and Storyline for developer the button continue is still not activated. Please advice - thanks!

Tamara Tarasova