Can someone help with publishing Storyline to Moodle?

Apr 18, 2017

Moodle is looking for a CSV file to upload a new course. It gives an error when I try to upload a zip file.

I've seen other notes about how to publish to LMS but when I tried to publish the zip or the lms published content to Moodle it comes up with an error.

Anyone use Moodle with Storyline that can help?



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Soren J Birch

I have used it. If you see that it asks for a CSV, then you are doing it wrong. This is usually related to uploading people or quiz questions isn't it?

This guide is based on Moodle 2.2

On the course chapter you need to first click the Turn editing on link in the Settings section of the course you want to add the SCORM package to

Turn on Editing

This should reveal a couple of drop downs at the bottom of each block, you should click the Add an activity ... drop down and in this find the SCORM Package entry. Click that.

Add activity


Now upload to the server by clicking Choose a file in the Package file section. This opens the File Picker window

Click Upload a file in the File Picker window, then click the Choose File button and select your zip. 

Then click the Upload this file button

Upload to server


The version of moodle I used was 2.2 and required content to be published as SCORM 1.2 to work. Anything newer led to issues.

Adjust what you need and then click Save and return to course

Be aware of file size limitations. Our system did not accept packages larger than 50 MB.

Derek Hoey

Hi Sher,

It sounds like you might be trying to add the course file a stage too soon.

Create your course on Moodle using the add course button, but only define the basic course details, such as name, description, format, appearance. I wouldn't normally add files at this point. You are simply creating a space on Moodle for your course to sit.

Following this task, go into this new course that you have added/created, and turn editing on.

Then you can select the 'add activity or resource'  in Moodle.

From the options provided, select 'SCORM package' as the file type you wish to add.

This will allow you to add your zipped course file and from here you can define how it should appear on page, the number of attempts permitted, completion settings etc.

Hope this helps.




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