Can speech cloud (SaaS) read scorm packages?

May 23, 2013

I'm thinking about text to speech solutions for my e-learning project. If I upload Articulate scorm packages to Moodle and buy speech cloud (Saas), will it be able to read scorm packages? I'm not a developer, but as far as I know, SaaS works with Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML).

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Manuel Aicart

Hi Alison,

I haven't found anything - in fact I had forgotten about this thread. I'm currently working on some language learning exercises and hope something comes out when I'm done. Maybe I won't have to use SaaS after all. However, I just did a search and found this website ( that says "Pure SaaS LMS". Maybe it's worth a try. Other solutions when it comes to text-to-speech might be Ivona, iSpeech, Acapela or Linguatec ( - I found out about this latter recently. It's a German company. All those companies have decent prices for personal use. But it changes when it's for commercial use. I'm not saying their voices are overpriced (I understand these companies have invested a lot of money on their voices). What I mean is that they're "expensive for me".

Hope this helps.

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