Can Storyline override Engage's audio?

Sep 03, 2015

So I'm moving old '09 files to Storyline.  There is a great Engage tabs activity that we don't need to change.  But...

... when I turn down the volume on the published story, it doesn't affect the Engage tabs activity.  I have to separately adjust the volume on the activity.  Is there something I am missing, a switch or something, which will allow the player volume to override the engage activity volume?



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Pierre -- Thanks for your question, and sorry to hear of the issues you are experiencing. Is this the first time you are importing Engage interactions into SL2? I'm just trying to confirm if you may have already looked over this information on Importing Engage Interactions into Storyline

Please feel free to provide your original Engage '09 file and I will attempt to do some testing on my end, or perhaps some members of the community will be able to chime in here with their thoughts or ideas. 

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