Can't change state of a button when user selects it, or unselects it

I would appreciate any tips please!

There are six buttons and I am asking users to select however many buttons they think are answers for a particular question. I would like a user to be able to click to select a button / or several buttons and the state then change to 'selected', and if the user changes their mind I would like them to be able to click a 'selected' button and have the state return to 'normal'.

I have used a true / false variable to toggle and then a change state trigger but with no luck. 

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Walt Hamilton

The two triggers: "Change state to Hover" and "Change state to Selected" are the problem. All the built-in states (like Hover and Selected) have their own superpowers. That means if an object has a Hover state, it will automatically change to Hover when hovered over, and back when hovered off. But if you create a trigger that says "Change state to Hover..." you run a huge risk of creating a conflict with the built-in state. If that happens, the results are seldom pretty. The same with Selected. When clicked, it turns to Selected, and when clicked again it changes back to Normal.  You need to delete those superfluous triggers, or change the names of the states.