Can't correctly trigger a layer in drag and drop interaction

Feb 20, 2020

I'm having some trouble with the drag and drop interaction which I have attached to this message.  

Very simple layout.  You drag the text box at the top of the screen to either of the two large boxes. I have the text box set on "return to start point" if the drop is incorrect.  

The issue comes when I try to add an incorrect/try again layer.  I would eventually add some 15 text boxes that appear one at a time.  And if any one of them is dragged to the wrong large box, the Try Again layer pops up.  Right now, I can get the layer to pop up, but then the text box doesn't return to the start point. 

Pretty simple, right?  But it won't work.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Amit

the Try Again layer would normally appear at the end of the interaction when users have dragged all drop items.  Because you are setting a trigger to show the try again layer after each drag and drop the built in options won't work.  Try adding a jump to slide trigger on the try again layer after the hide layer and see if that works for you.

Amit Goel

I can have it jump to a different slide once it gets to the Try Again layer, but it's really the base layer where I think the issue is.  I was trying to create the triggers so the text box would "return to start point" and the Try Again layer would simultaneously pop up. 

But you are saying I cannot do both at the same time, right?  Because the Try Again is usually set to come up at the end of the interaction when users have dragged ALL drop items.  And I want that layer to appear after each of some 15 individual attempts if the user guesses wrong.

I understand.  I'll try to figure out some other way to present the activity.  

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