Can't get audio to play inside Accordian Tabs

Hi. I don't know why, but the audio won't play inside the tab layers. It starts and stops abruptly. I only have audio in the first tab, since there's no point in adding the rest until I figure out how to fix the problem. If anyone else has encountered this, or can point me to a solution, I'd be appreciative. Thanks.

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Jeff Forrer

Hello, you can use audio, but would need to adjust the functionality a bit to do so. Here is what you could do on Layer 1 in your file.

  1. The show layer triggers (1-4 at top) need to occur on variable changing (SelectedTab) vs. on timeline ends.
  2. Trigger of Pause at the beginning of the layer to be removed.
  3. Resume timeline on this layer removed for each Tab 1 - 4.
  4. The Move Tab 1 - All Employees changed from when timeline reaches 1s to be now 4 triggers. This same move but on Tab1 - Tab 4
  5. Remove fade animation on content on exit.

See attached edit file for Layer 1.