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Anna Liu

Hi Mary,

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

You have a great Jeopardy game by the way (became giddy when I heard the audio :p).

Àlso, your results page is working properly it's just that we'd need to properly transition to that slide.

The steps done are the following:

  • Created a "see results" button. As you can see I placed it on top of the real-time points in your Jeopardy slide. But I've initially set its state to Hidden and will only appear once all questions have been answered.
  • I can't seem to use some of the existing variables so I created a new one called "Count". This variable will be set to "1" once all rectangles for the questions have been set to Disabled.

  • Going back to the "see results" button, since we now have the Count variable set, I've proceeded to create 2 triggers for this. One is to change the button state to Normal, then the other is to set a trigger to finally be able to transition to the results slide.

I've also included the updated story file for your reference. 

Hope this helps! :)