Can't open player properties

Whenever I click the Player button, either in a new or existing project, nothing happens. The window does not open, so I am unable to edit the properties. This started happening in the middle of a project, no idea what caused it. 


Reinstalling is a huge pain at my company, and I shouldn't need to anyway. Can anyone offer a solution? I tried clearing the cache without any luck.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Adam,

Have you confirmed you're working on local project files as described here? If it's just starting happening I'd also test it in a brand new file, to see if it's file specific. If the same thing happens in a new file I think you'll need to go through the repair next. Since it's a difficult process at your company - I'd do the full repair here so that they only have to help you once. 

Adam Y

Yep, I'm always working locally, but double checked. If I open a brand new file, then I have the same problem. It's like the window is open, but invisible. If I try to click around, I get the Windows error sound and I can't select any other menu items, however, if I hit escape, I can then click around normally again. very weird.