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Ellen Valentine

I am experiencing the same issue. I have tried restarting my computer to ensure that no related files are open. My file is saved on a shared drive, but I am the only one on my team accessing these files. My error message is slightly different in that it suggests making a copy of the project file and then opening the new file. This works temporarily, but then I am forced to make a new copy every time I want to open the file, which is not sustainable and will lead to a file naming structure that is difficult to follow.

If I remove the project from the "Recent" list on the startup screen in Storyline, I can then open the file. Hopefully that helps point the Articulate staff to the source of the issue. **Caution if you try this fix: DO NOT select "Delete from system" or the file will be removed from your computer entirely and won't go into the Recycle Bin where it can be recovered (in my experience).

Brandy Rainwater

I have the same issue and making a copy of the file works, but it is a pain deleting the original and renaming the copy each time. Sometimes I open the task manager and Peek 360 is open, even though I didn't launch it, and shutting that down does the trick. However, Peek isn't open in task manager every time I have this issue.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Brandy,

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know what you are running into with Storyline 360.

It sounds like this may be happening when working with different projects, so I'd recommend a repair to your Storyline 360 software to get this issue resolved.

Also, be sure that you're working on your local drive (C:/ drive) with your software and files.