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Daniel Servan

Other options:
-Restart your PC
-Publish into another folder
   - C:\SL2\
-Make your working folder short
    - Storyline file Short
    - Working path folder short
- Delete the last 25% of the slides and publish (see if it goes through), then delete slide by slide and publish again until you can locate the defected slide.

Leslie McKerchie

Oh no, Hareesh!

Sorry to see that you've run into difficulty publishing your course. 

Based on the details you've shared, I'm curious if you are able to preview the entire course or if you may have a corrupt slide in the midst of your project.

Feel free to share your .story file for us to take a look if you're able.

Hareesh Gowthaman

Hi Leslie, Thanks for the update and Sorry for the late response from my side.

We were able to preview the slides during development. Since we had a go live date, we needed an output badly and we checked in SL3. We were able to get a published output from SL3. But anyhow we need a solution as SL3 is not proposed in the project SOW.

Let me check if i can share the source files.