Storyline 2 suddenly having issues copying and pasting

Mar 13, 2018

Hi. We are starting to have random issues with Storyline 2 when copying and pasting in different storyline trainings. We have never seen this issue in the past 2 years or so that we have been using storyline. Is there an update? I tried to download storyline 3 and got an error. I am not sure if i have access to download it.

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Lora Alston

HI Alyssa. Thank you for the info. We are working from a network drive but we have worked from the network drive from the beginning of using storyline (2+years ago) and we never had issues. Its very odd though. One person can view the training in the player and have an issue, like buttons not showing up or hitting the prev button on an interactive and hitting the next button and it skips the interactive, but then i can jump into the same course, same player, and not even see these issues. The software is installed on one remote computer that is used. Its very odd. These are issues we have never experienced before. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Lora,

You've been a lucky one then! As Alyssa shared above, we do recommend working locally on your software and your project files.

Your issues do sound odd, and I'd attribute that to sporadic for sure.

You mentioned Storyline 3 and I did want to mention that it is our latest version of our licensed Storyline products. You should be able to download and take a look at the trial if you wish. Just note that anything you create in Storyline 3 will not be able to opened/edited in Storyline 2. A backup copy at the time of opening will be created though.

As for the issues you are having:

  1. I would advise following the advice that Alyssa shared above for working locally and performing the repair of your software.
  2. You mention that the software is installed on a remote computer. How is this being accessed? Articulate Storyline isn't supported in a server environment, such as Citrix or VMware ThinApp. See this article for more information.
  3. You mention different people seeing different issues? Is this once the course is published? How are you publishing and sharing the content?

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