Can't Publish Storyline Course

I created a storyline course using the record screen and try mode. I am trying to publish it but it keeps saying "Something went wrong and Articulate might close" with the submit bug box. I've tried publishing to review 360 and as SCORM and neither are working. When I go to publish and the blue bar comes up, it says "performing project maintenance for recording 2..." I don't know what the rest of it would say.

I am on a critical deadline with this and do not have time to redo it. Any thoughts on how to solve this problem?

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Brian Cajutol

Hi Holly,

I know time is of the essence and we community users are happy to help.

Does this happen when you try to publish any Storyline file or is this happening to just this one?

Are you storing it locally on your hard drive (check article here)?

Have you tried a repair on Storyline 360?

Also, can you please attach the file you are working on that is having an error? We can test if we can reproduce the error or not.